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Please ignore the fact that I have one of those annoying hanger-ribbon-things hanging out of my dress. I didn’t know at the time! I wore this last week, I think on Thursday. I realise I wear too much Topshop — but it’s the only decent shop near me! The white splodge on my knee is […]

I love these heels! For some reason, whenever I try and upload anything to lookbook, it goes all pixelatedly-blurry-ugly-unsharp-y. Ah well. Sorry I haven’t posted — school has been reeeally busy. Hopefully tomorrow I shall write a longer post, and take photos of the red heels I bought when I bought the outfit I’m wearing […]

Happy Halloween!

¬†Good thing this Halloween: I saw High School Musical 3 yesterday, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, it was hilariously wonderful and I am listening to the sountrack right this moment! Baaaad thing this Halloween: David Tennant has quit as the Doctor. WHY, DAVID? WHY?