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the 2008 quiz


1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before? Went to a party with alcohol & got tipsy. Applied to university. Went to the Ritz. Turned 17. Took AS Levels. Painted with gouache. Started a wordpress blog. Started to combat my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded (ow!). Bought […]

 Hope everyone had a good time, whichever religious festival (or not!) you were celebrating. Me, I had a wonderful Christmas with my Mum :D I haven’t had a Christmas at home in years and years, so this was wonderful. Here are a few pics of what I got…    :D I also got some clooothes […]

when will summer be back!? by anna sofia (Sorry for the blurry image, I have no idea how to make it stay at its original size. For a better view, click the picture) Although I have, yes, been craving some more winter-related items (snuggly jumpers and boots galore, knit dresses and t-shirts, oh my!), there […]