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if photoshop were real...

I truly adore this – a real-life version of photoshop. It’s so wonderful to look at and imagine a REAL LIFE PHOTOSHOP (how much fun would it be to play with this!?) and is just really awesome. Check it out, srsly.


 Another peice of artwork I love – Airlines. It’s a  visual representation of the flightpaths of aeroplanes and airlines across the globe. It comes in white, white with the world and black, and is wonderfully satisfying to look at. I really want one!

judge a book by its cover

This is a really interesting idea I found recently. It generates book covers from, and you rate the book judging exclusively by its cover on how good you think it would be – then, it reveals what Amazon users rated the book. As you can see, I only got a miserable 9 out of 30 – but it was really interesting. I have known for a long time that I do judge books by their covers, but I didn’t know I was so bad at it!

little paper planes

 Little Paper Planes is a wonderful online store selling prints, zines, t-shirts and accessories by some of the best talent out there. There are literally HUNDREDS of beautiful, interesting, inspiring things for sale on this website – I wish I had loads of money so I could buy pretty much everything! A great site for Christmas presents.

marc johns

 Marc Johns‘ work is wonderfully whimsical, full of moustaches and pipes and all sorts – it’s really feel-good, happy-making work that you love to look at and get a smile on your face every time you do.


So, I’m still on a shoes kick – can you tell? These are all from Office. They are all so ace! Especially those brogues, wow. It would be that when I have NO MONEY that the shoes I have been DREAMING OF since last year would suddenly appear, hmm!? But wow, those blue suede shoes (no pun intended. Seriously, my Mum already did that one) with the HUGE heel and studs are gorgeous and so not something I would usually go for. Neither the metallic gold huge wedge heels… I just want to be taller! And have pretty feet while I’m at it! Lol :D

 So, it’s a very arty weekly dose of awesome this week — but I’ve been in a very arty mood. Hopefully some work will be posted up soon (involving bears, birds and jellyfish, oh my!).


2 Responses to “get your weekly dose of awesome here!”

  1. The real life photoshop is soo cute! I love it!

  2. 2 annamnesis

    :D I know, isn’t it great? I’d love to just mess around with it!

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