you are invited to a stellar dinner party…


The UK edition of Vogue this December is one of the best editions of any magazine I’ve read in a long time. I loved the article they had where celebrities wrote about their dream dinner party, and after reading a wonderful version of it at Capture the Castle, I’ve decided to write my own. I’ve always wondered who I’d invite — I never could decide!

Who? Douglas Adams, Jason Mraz, the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, Oscar Wilde, King Arthur, Diana Wynne Jones, David Mitchell (the author), Stephen Fry, Russell T Davies, Wizard Howl and Sophie, Logan Huntzberger, Alex Zane, Roger Zelazny, H. G. Wells, Nelson, Tolkein, Elizabeth Bennett, a young Jimmy Stewart, Socrates, Robin Hood, Jonas Armstrong, Barack Obama, Eoin Colfer, Dr. Watson, Shakespeare, Marty McFly, Blake Lively, Keira Knightley and Bille Piper.
Where? A planetarium-type-thing; a huge hall with the galaxy projected onto the walls and ceilings, with candles and squishy chairs. So I got a little carried away with the people I wanted to invite (it’s a little sad how much time I spent researching this… and there are still so many more people I’d like to have at my party!) so I doubt there’d be a table. More like a group picnic thing.
Hot topics? I have ALWAYS wanted to see what would happen if someone from the past came into the future, rather than these endless TV shows where we, from the present, go back to the past – we already KNOW a lot about the past, so we could try to act appropriately, understand science, where technology was at, etc. etc., but people from the past would have NO IDEA what the heck was going on in technology or culture or anything at the moment, so initially, we would see quite a few of my guests talk about that.
Alex and Jason would discuss the electric guitar with King Arthur, Robin and Socrates (and they would all try their hand at a few tunes), whilst David Tennant would explain the iPod to Nelson (who would really, really want one). Oscar, Wells and Tolkein would discuss how society had developed, and Roger Zelazny and Jimmy Stewart would catch up the interval between the 30s and the 70s for Jimmy. Douglas and Stephen would catch up on the last few years (Douglas would squee over Apple’s advances, and Stephen would squee with him), whilst Obama would help Shakespeare come to terms with his fame. Elizabeth Bennett would ask everyone questions, and the Doctor would go round poking his nose into conversations explaining how everything had and would develop in years to come. And he’d sonic screwdriver stuff. A lot. (Alex Zane and David Tennant would ask for soniced-up iPods). Russell would be thrilled at the Doctor actually existing (he and David would squee over that, too).
While we were eating, David and the Doctor, and Jonas and Robin Hood, would discuss their relative television shows, how similar they look, how awesome it is to meet them, and what it’s like playing their characters/meeting the person who plays them. I would discuss art with Peter Doig, not stop talking to Stephen and the Doctor. We’d discuss philosophy as a group, with Socrates and H. G. Wells chipping in. We’d discuss literature – I would plague all the authors with questions about writing techniques (especially David Mitchell, Diana Wynne Jones, Roger Zelazny and Tolkein) – all the authors would get into a debate about sci-fi/fantasy and the different ways it could be written. Diana Wynne Jones would talk to Howl and Sophie about them being her creations. Obama would detail his plans for the future, with Nelson and King Arthur chipping in about leadership, everyone else talking about things they liked about their eras. The Doctor and Howl would get along really well. Marty would understand what it’s like to move through time, and he and the Doctor would have an argument, TARDIS vs. DeLorean. I’d talk to Dr. Watson about life with Sherlock, and Nelson about naval warfare and life on a ship.
Jason would play guitar in the background. This is getting really long, but everyone else would talk about cool stuff too. We’d all discuss art and music and literature and film and life.
What would everyone be wearing? Shirts and scarves with trousers/converse for the modern guys, casual suits for everyone else. Nelson would be wearing an eyepatch, just for fun, Alex Zane would be in skinnies and would have to try explain to Shakespeare why they’re more comfortable than breeches. There aren’t many girls, I just realised — but we’d all be wearing awesome stuff.
What would you dine on? Pancakes, raspberry and chocolate ganache, roast chicken with roast potatoes and sweet potatoes and carrots and traditional roast things, buttercream fairy cakes, lots of cereal (just because), apples, toblerone, fish and chips, courgette souffle – oh, all sorts of yummy food!
Who would you sit beside? Seeing as this is a picnic, I would wander about to sit next to everyone — but mostly I’d sit next to Stephen and David Tennant. Because I’m a huge fangirl.
Biggest flirt? It would be a contest between David Tennant, Jonas, Logan and Howl. Sophie would get all pissed at Howl, but that’s just who he is :) I would flirt shamelessly with David and Jonas and Logan and Howl. And the Doctor. And Alex Zane. And Jason.
Wow, I spent too long on this! The sad thing is, I keep thinking of people I’d like to invite! There are also so many people from history I’d like to meet but probably not in a party setting.

2 Responses to “you are invited to a stellar dinner party…”

  1. Wow! This is such a neat idea =D
    I like your guest list. And, the planetarium idea– yea, I definitely love that.

  2. 2 annamnesis

    Thank you! :) I spent way too much time deliberating over who to invite for a fictional dinner party XD But it’s lots of fun! And I love the idea of a planetarium too :D

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