i’ve been dreaming of…



Here are a couple of things I like to oogle at online!

Blue boots, £70 @ office; red bag, £35 @ topshop; red jazz shoes £a lot @ marc by marc; grey pocket dress, £25 @ topshop; cream knit scarf, £16 @ topshop; earrings £16 @ asos; grey ruffle-sleeved dress, £makes me sad @ chloe; blue sequin beret, £16 @ topshop; red patent flats, £too much @ marc by marc; staedler pens £8.20 @ amazon; red moleskine daily diary, £12.25 @ amazon.

I might ask for the topshop dress and bag and the moleskine for Christmas from my wonderful Mum, but other than that it’s just nice to look at these things! If I can afford it I’m tempted to buy the scarf though – I’ve been really cold at school and a friend of mine has one and it’s so warm :)

Once, I had a dream about those Marc by Marc Jacobs red jazz shoes – BEFORE I’d seen them before and before they were on Net-A-Porter. Spooky, eh? Lol! :D


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