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I kind of wish I’d made the caption on the second one ‘I’m not that grizzly really’ instead of ‘i’m not really that grizzly’. Ah well! :) I’m pleased with them! Advertisements

I truly adore this – a real-life version of photoshop. It’s so wonderful to look at and imagine a REAL LIFE PHOTOSHOP (how much fun would it be to play with this!?) and is just really awesome. Check it out, srsly.  Another peice of artwork I love – Airlines. It’s a  visual representation of the flightpaths of […]

Not much news, I’m afraid, I’ve been feeling ill and other than that haven’t had much time for anything internetty, but I thought I’d wish all of you who celebrate it a Happy Thanksgiving :) Hopefully I’ll update soon with some more outfits/drawings I’ve been working on…

david tennant


The UK edition of Vogue this December is one of the best editions of any magazine I’ve read in a long time. I loved the article they had where celebrities wrote about their dream dinner party, and after reading a wonderful version of it at Capture the Castle, I’ve decided to write my own. I’ve […]

an old doodle


 I’ve been feeling ill for the past two days, so whilst slumped like a potato in front of the TV, I made these two little cartons out of felt. I’ve been wanting to make them for about six months — these are only five or so inches high — I want to make a HUGGEE […]