pen pals and other miscellany


Okay, so, admittedly, that’s not a letter, but in fact something I’m working on from my moleskine (but now is not the time to go into my love for the skines that are moles), but I thought this post could use a little decoration.

I just got myself two new pen pals. I love pen pals, I had loads when I was younger, but we sort of lost contact as we changed and got older, moved on. I’ve been thinking about trying to find some new ones, and here we are. I love pen pals – not only is getting snail mail still ridiculously exciting for me,  I love writing letters, using cool stationary and fun pens, decorating letters and talking with this mysterious person from far away. It’s a great way to talk about your life to someone completely objectively, or alternatively, have a friend separate from your world who you can talk to about utterly random stuff, like television shows or films, books and that cool new top in Topshop you want so badly.

It’s great that someone would spend the time two write out their thoughts to you, rather than just press a button or send a text, it’s great to have that anticipation of the next letter from your friend – what happened last week? Was the film great?

I think that pen pals are a wonderful idea, and if you haven’t had a pen pal before, why not try and find one? You never know, you might make a new friend :)


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