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Happy Halloween! Advertisements

¬†Good thing this Halloween: I saw High School Musical 3 yesterday, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, it was hilariously wonderful and I am listening to the sountrack right this moment! Baaaad thing this Halloween: David Tennant has quit as the Doctor. WHY, DAVID? WHY?

Okay, so, admittedly, that’s not a letter, but in fact something I’m working on from my moleskine (but now is not the time to go into my love for the skines that are moles), but I thought this post could use a little decoration. I just got myself two new pen pals. I love pen […]

entry the first


Well, hi, there. I’d love my first blog entry to be full of my witty doings and hilarious anecdotes, but, seeing as it’s half term, I’ve actually spent all of today incredibly productively wasting my time surfing the many wonderful procrastinatory blogs that exist on the good old world wide web. So, instead, I’ll treat […]